the art of Masha SadMe

                      I supplement the surrounding reality with fictional scary creatures. When I do this the usual things are more fun. Since I remember myself, I like to scare and make people laugh. And I find it great that this habit does not go away, that in my art I do not become a person who takes himself and everything around too seriously.

                      I don't find my characters scary, they can also be vulnerable, funny, ridiculous. When I describe my works, I often leave the choice for the viewer, how will the situation shown on the painting be resolved? This is kind of a game, an open ending as a test for your imagination, and a way to tickle your irrational fears and to have a little fun. 

                      In contrast to all the difficult situations in human life, we are given humor and art. It would be stupid not to use them.



Masha SadMe (Maria Prokofieva) was born in 1980 and lives in Moscow, Russia. She is an artist and the leader of SadMe rock band.

Basically Masha is a self-taught artist, she was drawing and painting since her early childhood. And already being an adult she finished ‘School of Drawing and Painting’ in Moscow and decided to become a professional artist. ‘I paint post apocalypse, night city streets, skeletons and my surrealistic dreams. I invent my own abstract world to explore.’ Masha paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen, charcoal, and makes digital art.


Also being a composer, song writer and singer Masha is the leader of Moscow based alternative rock band SadMe.

Masha formed her band in 2002 and since then SadMe have released 7 studio and live albums, were produced by Martin 'Youth' Glover (Killing Joke), won Krok-rock International contest and played hundreds of gigs.




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